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The Never Ending Honeymoon has a Twist!

Never Ending Honeymoon | Boomerang

Like many Aussies and Kiwi’s before us, we have been trying to plan our last few months in the UK with absolute precision. We want to tick everything off our European bucket list before returning home.  

But then came the plot twist… 

The closer we got to D-Day, the more I started to fret that we wouldn’t fit everything in. We prioritised on the big things. We could miss a gondola ride in Venice for a hike on the Cinque Terre in Italy. Will it really matter if we don’t get back to Poland? Should we island hop in Croatia or Greece?

Even though I have had recent doubts about my relationship with travel, I don’t think my love affair with London is over just yet…

I love being able to visit so many amazing sites and museums for free, walking along the Thames in the glow of the sun setting and catching up with friends over a cider in the Common. The people in London are what make this city truly amazing.

It was my birthday last week, and our second wedding anniversary this week. At a ripe old age of 28, sometimes I crave the stability and security that not being a nomad brings. At other times I want nothing more than to continue exploring the world with my best friend and husband.


Jacqui's 28th birthday in London!

Dan makes Pavlova for Jacqui’s 28th birthday in London!


After two years of travelling, I feel better educated and more comfortable in my own skin. We have the most brilliant collection of photos, fantastic memories and great stories. Besides our growing collection of souvenir shot glasses, we don’t have much and most of what do own fits into two backpacks and two boxes. But it doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. There are still so many countries to explore, cities to visit and good times to be had.

So, when Daniel was presented with the fantastic opportunity to stay and work in London, we felt we had no choice but to snatch it up and run away with it. Our two year working holiday is coming to an end but a new chapter of our lives in London is beginning.

London, we’re coming back!!

So, until the moment we return home for good, we will be the honeymooning nomads that we have become in the last few years. We will travel, party and explore the world! After all, this is our #neverendinghoneymoon.

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