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Dan and I caught the travel bug when we first travelled to Europe in 2009. Since then we have road tripped, honeymooned and backpacked our way through the UK, The Netherlands, France, Andorra, Spain, Italy, Thailand, New Zealand, Iceland, Bali, USA, Canada, Poland, Egypt, Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Turkey, Denmark, Norway and Romania.

My aim is to cross five items of my bucket list


each year, which gives me a good excuse to travel as much as we do!

Our ’12 month honeymoon’ started in 2012 as a one way trip from our home in Australia to the UK via the USA and Europe. Originally, I wanted to share our travel stories with friends and family back home, but this story has turned out to be one hilarious adventure that seems never ending! Here you can read about our honeymooning nomad travels and crazy adventures, learn from our travel fails, and have a bit of a laugh (at my expense of course!).

This is our never ending honeymoon!

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Loch Ness, Scotland. With Steve and Ala

Loch Ness, Scotland. With Steve and Ala


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