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14 reasons why you need to book a holiday, today

When was the last time you had a holiday?  

Even though I travel a lot, I usually spend most of my time exploring new destinations, running from one thing to the next (because FOMO), and coming home exhausted and in need of another holiday! Until my recent trip to Australia, I can’t remember the last time I had a relaxing holiday. When was the last time you took a break to de-stress and unwind?

Holidays give you the opportunity to relax and just chill with your friends and family. They give you a well-needed distraction from work and the real world. And, they can also make you more interesting, more active, and more fun!

Still not convinced you need a holiday?

If you agree with more than three of the statements below, it might be time you stopped what you’re doing and booked a holiday:

  1. Your skin tone surpassed deathly-pale so long ago that it’s now all shades of grey (not the kinky kind) and, to compensate, you’re wearing more tanning lotion than the cast of TOWIE.
  2. You no longer enjoy after work drinks on a Friday; instead, it’s become your life-line for getting through the week.IMG_6239 Jager
  3. You’ve watched every box-set on Netflix and have run out of TV shows to binge watch. OMG – what are you going to do when you get home?!
  4. You start ordering summer cocktails when you go out for a drink – surely enough tequila sunrises will help you lose that “winter weight” you’ve been gaining since winter ‘14.
  5. Every time your boss approaches your desk you rehearse your conversation in your head in the fear that if you’re unprepared you might say or do something stupid – like quit in an ungraceful fit of tears.
  6. Your ‘dream holidays’ Pintrest board is getting out of hand.
  7. When you order your coffee in the morning from the overly enthusiastic barista who always remembers exactly how you like your Grande, iced, sugar-free, vanilla latte with soy milk, you want to punch them in the face.
  8. You can’t remember where your passport is, but it probably features a person resembling a ten-years-younger, tanned, bright-eyed version of you.
  9. You’ve unfriended all of those ungrateful over-sharers on facebook who seem to holiday 52 weeks of the year and constantly post photos of cocktails, beaches and hotdog legs on the sand.DCIM141GOPRO
  10. The only reason you get out of bed and make it to work on Mondays is because Doris, the receptionist, spends all weekend trying to improve her baking skills and you need to help her by testing all the samples. (What winter weight?)
  11. You’ve finally realised that the funny smell that has been hanging around the office since you changed your moisturiser a few weeks ago is you. Damn you, Summer Lovin’ coconut scented body moisturiser!
  12. You have marked in your calendar the dates for every season premier this year and the Days Till Game of Thrones countdown is now your internet browser homepage… only 11 weeks, 1 day, 17 hours and 14 minutes to go!
  13. You accidentally gave all of your summer clothes to charity more than a year ago and the only thing left in your “summer draw” is a tankini and a Hawaiian shirt that could be your dads…
  14. You can’t actually remember the last time you had a holiday.

IMG_6043 Jacqui and pool

What are you waiting for? Go and book your well-deserved and much needed holiday!

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