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Cheap Flights! London Bound!

Cheap Flights! Cheap Flights!

We received an invitation on Facebook one Thursday morn’

To join our friends in England, where good times would be born,

The journey was over the budget; so wishing to be frugal,

We searched the ‘net to find some deals on Google,

Cheap flights, cheap flights, the cheapest that can be found,

And then we found an airline with flights under 90 pound!

We clicked on to the website and were quite surprised,

To find the actual cost was close to what was advertised,

We’d budgeted for airport taxes, and were happy to be billed,

A bargain was a bargain and by god we were so thrilled

Cheap flights, cheap flights, the cheapest to be found,

By now we were committed and were almost London bound,

Now I don’t know if you’ve seen Lyon airport on a map,

But checking in at 5am is a fecking load of crap,

Struggling in crutches, we avoided bus or underground,

But ordering a cab in French is a massive stuff around,

Then at last the morning came and it would have been all fine,

If we had simply set the alarms and left the house in time,

Arriving at the airport, security stopped us in our tracks,

‘Cause the excess baggage almost cost an extra tax,

Cheap flights, cheap flights, the cheapest to be found,

And by now we were struggling to hide that extra pound,

Well finally we landed and tried to move up the aisle

When a chap arrived with a buggy and a little smile,

A lift to immigration for the one with a broken leg,

I was so grateful for the buggy I’d have given him a keg,

Cheap flights, cheap flights, the cheapest to be found,

I must say that I was relived when we finally hit the ground!


For all those that love cheap flights, please
check out the Fantastic Aida inspiration via the link below:

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Cheap Flights!

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