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Furry Hats and Tea Mugs

Never Ending Honeymoon | Golden Tea Pots!

I am so very excited! My new soup maker arrives tomorrow.  Instead of having to venture out into the cold in search of hot soup for lunch I will now be able to sample my own creations in the warmth of our flat.  There is something that is so absolutely comforting about a big bowl of hot soup on a cold winter’s day.   And surely soup is easy to make, right?  I am not the best cook in the world (my specialty is Vegemite on Toast) but I should be able to make a little soup.

Despite hubby’s objections, I think that a soup maker is a very essential household item.  And one that I am actually going to use.  I am adamant that it will not be added to the useless-items-that-Jacqui-buys list.  The list that is slowly filling up with items such as the purple foot spa to help mend my broken foot (used once) and gold plated vintage tea set that I purchased on a whim at an auction (used never).

I have come to realise that while we no longer own much, there are a few essential items that we could not survive in London without.  Here are my top 5 useful items to survive the London winter:

1.     A Furry Hat –

I recently purchased a furry Russian-style hat at the Southbank Christmas Markets as a bit of a joke but now I cannot live without it.  I refused to take it off that first day and had a few funny looks from my housemate when I was sitting on the couch in my new hat watching Fight Club.  However hubby drew the line when he caught me climbing into bed with it still on…

29 Furry Hats

2.     Wellies –

The Wellington was created in 1817 and was named for the first Duke of Wellington.  Otherwise known as golashes, rubbers, or gum boots, they are an essential part of the London wardrobe.  Mine are fantastic!  They are light, lined and soft on the inside, but the best bit? They are foldable!  They literally fold up into a little bag that will fit in my handbag. How awesome is that?!

29 Wellington Boots

3.     A tea cup –

Tea is often thought of as being a quintessentially British drink, and the Brits have been sipping tea for over 350 years.  As a devoted tea drinker, it is hard to imagine life without a variety of tea bags and a good mug. Obviously a gold plated vintage tea set is not essential, but my tea mug is.  My mug, decorated with the London tube map, sits proudly on my desk at work, nestled between my jar of vegemite and a tennis ball (for foot exercises).

29 Mugs

4.     Hot water bottle –

Nothing compares to the humble hot water bottle.  In a time of rising heating costs and the need to be green and environmentally friendly the hot water bottle is the most brilliant source for night-time heat.  It is cosy, comforting and portable, useable practically everywhere!

29 Hot Water Bottles

5.     A Tube Map –

Unless you are gifted with a Dumbledore knee scar that is a perfect map of the London Underground (#harrypottergeekmoment), you will need to access a tube map probably more than once during your time in London.  You can pick them up for free at any tube station or download one of many aps to your smart phone for easy access and journey planning.  Why this is essential in winter?  The tubes are cosy and crowded – a perfect source of warmth and shelter from the harsh winds and drizzling rain!

29 Tube Map

Other than keeping warm, we have been having some amazing adventures in London town.

Last week I had a few days off and just spent the day wondering around. I walked through some exhibitions at Somerset House (though I didn’t try the ice skating), I visited the incredible food halls and princess playroom at Harrods (where you can purchase a live Toy Poodle for 2,100 quid, or a guinea pig for all of 15 quid), then stopped in for some more mulled cider at the Hyde Park Winter Festival. How lucky we are to have so  much to see only a few tube rides away!

Yesterday we spent the day competing in a scavenger hunt from Somerset House to London Bridge. Hubby and I were in different teams of 4 but it was fun racing through the markets and back lanes from Southbank Christmas Markets, to the OXO viewing platform, past the Tate Modern and via The Globe. Of course hubby’s team absolutely dominated, fair and square, and were gleeful and merry when we finally met them at the George Tavern finish line. What a fantastic day! Something I am very keen to try again.

Today my little brother arrived from France, complete with wrapped Christmas present from mum (with strict instructions not to open until the 25th) and a case of thermals, gloves and thick socks that we had left behind. We are now prepared and I feel a little less like the grasshopper who sang all summer. Come what may!

Love to all x


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