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2015 was a big year of travel for us… how did we do it?

In 2015, we managed to travel out of London 11 out of 12 months of the year. We visited places we never thought we would see, we visited places that we wanted to see again, and we travelled with some pretty awesome peeps to some incredible destinations.

Check out the 60 second video of what we did and where we travelled to in 2015:

In case you missed it, these are all of the places we travelled in 2015:
Snowboarding and New Year’s Eve in Bludenz, Austria
– A girls weekend to Bristol, UK, for Tina’s birthday
Oxford, UK, with my parents
Madrid Spain, with my parents
A weekend escape in Portsmouth, UK
We celebrated my birthday and our 3rd wedding anniversary in Malta
We celebrated Dan’s birthday by chasing tulips in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Edenbridge, UK, to see Hever Castle
Australia, for WedFest!
Bilbao, Spain, for a music festival
August & September
An epic camping road trip through the Balkans, including Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and northeast Albania
– I went to Copenhagen, Denmark
– Dan went to Amsterdam, The Netherlands (again)
Lyon, France, for old time’s sake!
Riga, Latvia, for Christmas markets and something different
Australia, for Christmas at home with the family

How did we travel to all of these incredible places?
It was the year of detailed planning and budgeting, but all for good reason.
Dan`s job only allowed him to take a maximum of six weeks of annual leave for the year (including some without pay) and I was freelancing or contracting for the majority of the year, not knowing when the next paycheck may or may not come in.
So we worked out a general plan of where we wanted to go and at what times of the year we wanted to go there. With public holidays, we were able to enjoy snowboarding in Austria, a music festival in Spain, and an epic road trip through the Balkans. We even squeezed in a TWO trips home to Australia!
In total, we were away from London for 72 nights in 2015. We spent 20% of the entire year travelling!

But, how much did we spend?
Plenty. We spent plenty of money. And, it was totally worth it.
This is how we spent almost £11,300 on travel throughout the year:
– £4,600 on flights, buses, transfers, trains, and car hire (including £1,300 return flights to Australia)
– £1,960 on accommodation
– £4,700 on essential travel insurance, gig tickets, snowboard hire, tours, food, activities, and general spending

And, I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

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