Warm Pasta Salad

Shell or Penne pasta = £1.50 per 1kg bag

Half a Sliced Pepper = £0.80 each

6 Halved Cherry Tomatoes = £1.00 per bag

8 Slices of Sundried Tomatoes (optional) = £2.30 per jar

Half a (small) Sliced Red Onion = £0.20 each

OR half a bunch chopped Salad Onions = £0.75 per bunch

Sliced Ham or bacon (optional) = £2.00 for 125g of ham


Mayonnaise = £2.00 per 400g jar

Wholegrain (Seeded) mustard = £1.50 per jar

Lemon juice = £0.40 per lemon

Garlic = £0.80 for a 3 pack

Method: Cook and drain pasta. Mix dressing in a bowl and add a small amount of warm water to thin. Mix hot pasta and dressing to raw sliced vegetables and meat. Mix thoroughly so the dressing covers all ingredients. Serve warm.

Cost: This will serve 4 – 6 people and cost under £12. You can easily refrigerate and serve for left overs or side dishes later in the week.

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