Simple Green Salad

(as a side/starter or with meat of choice for a main)

Half an Iceberg Lettuce = £1.00 per whole

5 Cherry Tomatoes = £1.00 for a bag

Sliced Red Onion = £0.20 each

Cubed Cheese pieces = £2 – £4.50 for a 250g/300g block

Balsamic or dressing of choice = £1.50

Method: Add all ingredients in a large bowl and mix with dressing.

For a main meal: Increase quantities and add marinated chicken/beef or fried garlic and chili mushrooms to make this into a lovely light meal.

Marinated chicken/beef: dice meat. Marinate for 2+ hours in soy sauce, white wine vinegar/oil, garlic, sweet chili sauce and honey/golden syrup. Fry in a pan until cooked through. Chicken = £4.00 for 2 breasts.

Cost: (without chicken/beef) £6.00 of ingredients will last you at least 3 meals.

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