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Until 22 October 2015, I am taking part in the Micro-Tyco challenge to help to raise money and awareness for WildHearts. We have £1 and four weeks to promote entrepreneurial thinking and fund entrepreneurs in the developing world.

WildHearts is a charity that raises funds to provide micro-loans to people in developing countries so they can start their own businesses and improve their communities. Over 90% of the people they help are women breaking the cycle of poverty.

WildHearts started funding microfinance as a sustainable means on empowering the poor in 2008. They now help people trapped in poverty in 37 countries, with regional focuses on Ghana, East Africa, Central America, Jordan and Haiti.

The micro-loans are as small as £100, but can make a HUGE difference to poor entrepreneurs trying to provide for their families.  Incredibly, over a five year period one £217 loan will sustainably transform more than 67 lives.

Please visit our JustGiving page to make a cash donation in a totally secure way. 

All funds raised will be donated directly to WildHearts.

Your donation will change lives!


Team Hearts for Life

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