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Jacqui’s breakfast omelette

Any veggies or meat you desire, diced. My choice is chopped red onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers and a bit of ham.

Chopped Quarter of a Pepper = £0.80 each

3 Chopped Cherry Tomatoes = £1.00 per bag

Chopped Quarter of a (small) Red Onion = £0.20 each

Sliced Ham or bacon (optional) = £2.00 for 125g of ham1 clove of chopped/crushed

Garlic = £0.80 for a 3 pack

2 eggs = £1.50 for 6 free range eggs

Grated Cheese = £2 – £4.50 for a 250g/300g block

Basil, salt and pepper (season to taste)

Method: In a small omelette pan, fry all vegetables. Crack your egg(s) over the top, making sure you do not break the yolk. Sprinkle basil, salt, pepper and grated cheese over the top. Once the egg is cooked to your liking (preferably with the yolk still runny), serve hot on a piece of toast. For a slightly healthier option, skip the cheese and serve the omelette on a bed of lettuce or a light salad.

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