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10 of the Most Desired Honeymoon Locations in the World

Never Ending Honeymoon | 10 of the Most Desired Honeymoon Locations in the World

Since the honeymoon is the beginning of the next stage of their life together, it would be advisable for a marrying couple to discuss their options openly before settling on a particular destination. There are plenty of honeymoon destinations across the globe, each with their own unique specialties and activities.

Below is a list, prepared by guest blogger Jane Roberts, of the top ten most desired honeymoon locations in the world:


Located in Indonesia, Bali is a convenient and somewhat budget honeymoon destination. One can visit Bali at any time of the year and enjoy the immaculate beaches of the tropical island. This Indonesian heaven is indeed a romantic spot given its transparent waters, its coral reefs, its diverse forms of artworks and attractive music. Bali has a lot of activities to offer its visitors including Balinese healing traditions and its mouth-watering authentic cuisine.


The country of Thailand lies on the mainland of Southeast Asia and is home to some of the best honeymoon locations in the world. Such locations include Bangkok, Pattaya, Koh Samui and Phuket. In Thailand, honeymooners get to enjoy a multitude of activities in spectacular sceneries along the palm-lined beaches, tropical sunsets and the superb hospitality of Thai citizens. In fact, Thailand has so much to offer that it cannot fit into just one honeymoon!

The Caribbean

Undoubtedly, this destination is a popular spot for honeymooners and as a result, there are lavish resorts and several beach activities that welcome one upon arrival. The Caribbean has several islands with beautiful beaches ranging from Puerto Rico to Anguilla, each providing a slightly different ultimate get away paradise.


Lying along the Pacific Ocean and with over a hundred separate islands, Tahiti is indeed one of the best honeymoon locations. There are numerous reasons why couples should opt for Tahiti ranging from its wonderful beaches to its mountains. Couples can enjoy activities such as scuba diving, canoeing, hiking, helicopter tours, 4×4 driving, paddle boarding and horse riding among others.

St. Lucia

Situated between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, and north of Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia offers couples a relaxing honeymoon full of natural splendour. This gorgeous island has perfect beaches and distinctive twin peaks that are truly captivating.
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This honeymoon destination is located in Latin America. Here, couples will get to enjoy wandering through the rain forest, perhaps visit a Maya temple, and later on they can relax on Belize’s white sandy beaches. Additionally, they can enjoy swimming at the coral reef or cave diving to make the most of this adventure filled heaven.


The Maldive Islands are made up of live coral reefs and sand bars in South Asia, southwest of India. This destination is famous for its crystal blue waters and its sparkling coral reefs. In addition, one gets to enjoy the gorgeous sunsets and endless beaches and lagoons. There is also a superb bungalow constructed over the water where couples can relax and watch the dazzlingly colourful fishes as they swim by.


Cancun is one of Mexico’s most fashionable honeymoon destinations. In terms of romance, Cancun has plenty to offer. The powder-soft sandy beaches and sparkling blue water offer couples an unforgettable backdrop for rest and relaxation. For lovers of nightlife, Cancun is the place to be since the resorts bars and lounges are extremely lively.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a perfect match for nature-loving couple considering a honeymoon spot that offers a generous mix of adventure and relaxation. It features towering mountains, gigantic cliffs, magical creeks, beautiful beaches and radiant waters. Couples can enjoy a visit to these natural features, relax in hot springs, soak up the Maori culture or engage in adrenaline-pumping activities.


This Mediterranean country prides itself in its stunning beaches and wonderful national parks with waterfalls for couples to explore. Croatia is one of the most ideal honeymoon destinations in Europe and a place to spend some of the most romantic days you’ll ever have.

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