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Simple steps to create a jolly good British garden party

Whether it’s a Halloween party in October, a birthday party, New Year’s Eve or the Christmas season, there is always an excuse for a party. We love parties! So when our two new housemates suggested a re-housewarming party, we were happy to oblige.

There are a few things that you need in order to have an amazing and memorable party:

1. A venue

As regular readers may already know, we are lucky enough to have a large private garden in the middle of London. And, we have been working to improve it since we started pulling up 40cm long weed roots back in freeing cold January.

It was a perfect location for a party in summer, but any garden or public park will do.

IMG_8678 garden

2. An appropriate theme

Every party or gathering should have a theme, whether it is a casual Friday night of pizza and NRL or a Halloween party. This is where the structure and ideas for the event will stem from – like what music to play, what food to serve, and what the guests can expect.

Our theme was obvious…

Four Aussie Expats + living in London + our back garden + a hot summer’s day = Aussie BBQ Vs British Garden Party.

I think we were spot on, Bevan…

IMG_8702 Jacqui and Dan

3. Food

I don`t have to tell you that food is essential… that`s self explanatory. But it is sometimes hard to know the right food to prepare. Keep it simple.

It helps when there are plenty of hands to help in the kitchen. Jane spent most of her day in the kitchen creating the most amazing baked goods that went down a treat!

Our menu was delicious – click below for recipes:

Cucumber sandwiches

Avocado salsa dip and corn chips

Bruschetta with fresh tomato and basil

Meat (any) cooked to perfection on the barbeque (for this you might need a BBQ connoisseur such as Dan)

Sausages in bread with onions and sauce

Cucumber Radish Salad

Warm Potato and bacon salad

Classic Pimm’s

Strawberry ripple shortbread slice

Chocolate brownies (gluten free)

Scones with cream and strawberry jam (Thanks to Frances Bakes)

IMG_8690 BBQ

4. Décor and ambiance 

What’s a British garden party without the appropriate décor and music?

We filled glass jars with flowers (lavender and sunflowers from the garden) and tea lights to decorate tables and stairs. We purchased some bright, colourful bunting that we strung across the yard and through the trees. Picnic blankets and chairs were scattered across the grass for guests to sit on.

Music sets the mood. For a British garden party, try vintage big band and swing music. For an Aussie BBQ, classic Aussie rock and greatest rock hits are the way to go. Recent top 40 hits and dance music will have your guests dancing into the night.

5. Games

Games! Every garden party needs games.

Boules (pétanque), giant chess, giant Jenga, skittles, miniature cricket, croquet, and Quoits are all fun for the garden (as is Beer Pong and darts for the older kids).


6. Good friends to share it all with

Your final ingredient to a spiffing garden party is a group of good friends to share it all with!

Now you have everything you need – Have a jolly good time!


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