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Never Ending Honeymoon | At home in London, UK


On 26th January we will be celebrating our third Australia Day in London. It is a huge surprise for us considering we thought that we would be back in Australia and settling down to married life – you know with a house, a family car and a baby on the way.

Instead, we are deciding how bogan our Aussie Day is going to be… will we be downing Bundy Rums and Jumbuck Pies at The Church? Should we scoff some Pizza Shapes and scull Thooeys Extra Drys to “Home Among The Gum Trees” at Infernos? What about the party at Bloomsbury Bowling or the Walkabout? Perhaps we should spend a messy day at one of the other numerous pubs and venues across London that enable and encourage us to celebrate our heritage in the most Aussie (bogan) way possible: sculling drinks while scoffing pies, listening to Triple J’s Hottest 100, chanting Aussie classics and using our Australian flags as superhero capes.

But partying wasn’t the main reason we stayed London – it was the lifestyle and the opportunity to further our careers that were the real reasons why we decided to stay.

Lifestyle? I hear you ask… why yes!

London may not have the amazing beaches and sunny blue skies that feature in the Brisbane way of life, but it does have its own perks.

For example, last week we:

Joined thousands of football fanatics at a FA Cup game. After 120+ minutes of play and extra time the score in this third-round FA Cup game was West Ham 2-2 Everton. West Ham finally won 9-8 on penalties in an exciting goalie V goalie shoot-out!

Goalie V Goalie Luke and Tracey West Ham United

Dined in funky Soho before laughing (and crying) through Roald Dahl’s Matilda as a West End musical by Dennis Kelly and award-winning musician and comedian Tim Minchin. While the lyrics were hilarious and the story was grand, the child stars truly stole the show with a world-class performance!


Participated in a live recording of comedian Adam Hill’s hilarious television show, The Last Leg.


Then I spent a lovely weekend for Tina`s birthday in the city of Bristol in south west England. If anyone is looking for a weekend escape from London on a budget, definitely consider Bristol. It was a very charming city with a rich history and colourful street art.

IMG_3383_edited IMG_3416_edited

And then I made a new friend in our very own back garden.


With the travel opportunities and so much happening all of the time in London, I really can`t think of anywhere else I would rather be right now.

I just have to find a job first…

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