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Honeymoon ideas to inspire your wanderlust

Honeymoon ideas to inspire your wanderlust

Planning a honeymoon in the near future? There are now some great options if you want an adventurous or more memorable way to start your married lives together.

Like most traditions, honeymoons have progressed a long way since their origin. Historically, weddings were not a particularly romantic affair and many cultures were not open to the idea of marrying for love. As weddings evolved, newly married couples started to take holidays to visit family and friends or simply to spend some alone time together.

As travel becomes more affordable and flexible, honeymooners are thinking outside the box when it comes to honeymoon destinations and planning. They want bigger and better, and they also want to get more bang for their buck.

Honeymoons that go the distance

We did ours a little backwards. We were already in the process of booking an around the world holiday and moving overseas before we decided to get married. The idea of getting married before we left our home town was one of the best ways we could embark on a new adventure together.

And, that’s how our grownup gap year in the UK became our never ending honeymoon.

A multi-destination honeymoon is the best option for newly-weds who want adventure, culture and to spend quality time together.

How can you not fall more in love with your other half while island hopping through Sri Lanka, the Maldives and India? Alternatively, two weeks eating and dancing your way through romantic Italy will certainly take a pizza your heart. Or, why not truly challenge your adventurous sides by visiting the world-renowned attractions of South America?

Check out the awesome list that Dealchecker.co.uk has put together of the most romantic multi-destination honeymoons. It’s an inspiring list of destinations that suit most budgets and time frames.

Honeymoon ideas to inspire your wanderlust

More out-of-the-box honeymoon ideas

Combine a destination wedding and a honeymoon. Taking a few of your friends and family along for a destination wedding will mean a more intimate ceremony with fewer guests. It will also give you some extra time relaxing together before and after the big day.

Go away with family and friends after the wedding to spend more quality time with them. Since there is often little time to catch up with your guests on the big day, this is a great option if many of your guests have travelled far and wide to get there.

A ‘staycation’ in your home town is a good way to establish a new home and get to know each other in a familiar setting. It’s also a great option for those who are can’t afford to travel or simply can’t travel after the wedding.

Honeymoon ideas to inspire your wanderlust

Honeymoons are the best way to relax, celebrate and adjust together

Even if you’ve been living together for years, getting married might change your mindset and your ways of working together. So, a honeymoon is your chance to do change, evolve and set expectations together.

More than a hundred flights, trains, buses and road trips to 80 cities in 30 countries means that we’ve experienced almost as many travel fails as fun times. In the beginning it was a huge learning curve.

But now, I look back at all of the hilarious escapades and I know that it’s helped us grow together as a unit. It’s been incredible to share it all with someone who splits the duties, laughs with (at) me and simply embraces the adventure.

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    Ralph Kiko
    11/04/2017 at 7:38 am

    These honeymoon ideas are so cool! I particularly like the going away with family and friends. Family is a big part of our lives and both of us are very close with our extended family. I am so glad that there are other couples who are open to this out of the box honeymoon ideas.

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