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Embracing the mud pit that is Glastonbury Festival (Glasto 2016)

Dan and Jacqui in Wellington Boots ready for Glastonbury Music Festival

This was going to be my second time at the world’s biggest festival, so I decided to approach Glastonbury Festival a little differently this year.

Looking at the line up, other than a couple of big headliners, there were not many bands (of thousands) that I felt I really needed to see. So, it was the perfect opportunity to make the most of my four days at Worthy Farm in Somerset, UK, and explore as much as I could of the entire contemporary performing arts festival.

I had a lose objective of trying to make it to all of the stages, but only so that I would be challenged to experience areas of the festival that I wouldn’t normally venture into.  And, if that meant that I ended up whittling my own spoon while attempting some Power Ballad Yoga, so be it.

As I contemplated the list of 76 stages and the official map, I realised that I would need a bit of a game plan.

The game plan

After a little deep-dive research, I discovered that many of the stages were clumped together and that we could see plenty of bands and do plenty of things if we were happy to hang out around the same area for a few hours.

Thursday could be an afternoon of exploring the markets and activities in The Green Fields (healing fields anyone?) and then we could spend the night dancing though the three stages at Block9 and areas of Shangri-La.

Starting with Power Ballad Yoga and lunch at The Left Field stage for a panel on feminism, Friday would be a big day. The afternoon could see us wandering through the circus and theatre fields (I wonder what my trapeze skills are like?) while we bounced between gigs at the West Holts Stage, Acousitc stage and the Other Stage. After Muse at the Pyramid stage, the night would carry on with a visit to Arcadia to see the fire show and Carl Cox spinning the decks, and perhaps a Roger Sanchez in Shangri-la’s Heaven.

The seven stages at Silver Hayes and the John Peel Stage would have to be tackled on Saturday, but that would give us the chance to dress up for #SilverSaturday. We just had to make sure we were at the Pyramid stage in time to see Adele belt out some of our favourites.

And, I have no idea where to start with Sunday… first I have to decide whether I’d rather see Coldplay or LCD Soundsystem. There are going to be some hard choices over the next few days.

Glastonbury 2016 planning

I didn’t know if I’d up for the challenge, but I was certainly going to try and visit the 100 stages of Glastonbury.

First, I’s have to get there, set up camp and get over the mud.

Wish me luck, and follow my progress on Instagram (@jacquitravels) and on Facebook (Never Ending Honeymoon)!


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