One of the world’s most famous department store is a must! Located in London’s posh Knightsbridge (where a 27sq meter apartment sells for more than £500k), the store is a rabbit warren full of the most incredible clothing, bags, furniture, gifts, toys and more than 12 premium restaurants and cafés featuring cuisine from across the globe.

Things not to miss include the Disney themed princess room on the 5th floor where you can try on a Cinderella slipper or a princess dress. Just around the corner is the Harrods pet store and grooming centre. Here you can pick up a labradoodle for £2,100, or a hamster for £15. The Egyptian themed escalator lobby is certainly something to see, as are the two Dodi and Princess Diana memorials. In the basement you will find the food sections where you can by delicious deli items, red velvet cakes or an array of tea and coffee. Don’t forget to check out the interactive toy store!

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